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Did you beats by dre australia like theBeats By Dre Studio vocal music?Beats Studio Did you like the sweet woman

vocal music? Did you found you are in the trouble of how to choose one pair of the in-ear headphones for vocal

music performance?ce?

In this article, i will show the best in-ear earplugs for the vocal music performance, and some tips of how to

choose the best in-ear headphones of vocal music. Hope this can help you.

Why need to choose one pair of the best in-ear headphones?

As we know. many people like to listen to the pop music, the most important thing in the pop music is the vocal

sound of singer. If you want to listen to the best vocal sound, you need have one pair of the best earplugs. For

the best vocal performance, need the earplugs have a good reduction capability of the vocal sound, or the

intermediate frequency, and reduce or eliminate the labiodental, breath sounds. Those are the best vocal in-ear

earplugs must have.

In many cases, users can not know the meaning of the "high sound quality", and the most of users like to buy the

cheap headphones, think about is not worth to spend more than several hundred dollars to buy a headphones. But,

the cheap headphones will not show you the best sound, that you have heard from the cheap headphones is not the

normal voice.

Shure SE535 -Rewireable three units in-ear earplugs

Feature: Rewireable and 3 units for the best sound

Shure SE535 with triple high-resolution micro sound unit, one dedicated tweeter unit and two woofer units to

create a wide sound field and rich bass. Adjustable detachable replacement cable is more convenient to change,

extend the service life and make wear headphones more secure and comfortable. A rich variety of accessories to

meet individual needs.

Shure SE535 is very suitable for stage monitors, but before you have use it, you need to spend some time to got it

into you ear.

This in-ear earplugs is the best earplugs of vocal headphones. if you can accept the price, you can buy one.

UE Triple.Fi 10Pro -The top 1 in-ear headphones

Feature: 3 units, large sound field and enough momentum. fashion style.

The UE Triple.Fi 10Pro is one of the best earplugs to performance of the symphony. its have one tweeter double

unit and a bass unit. Show users a very large sound field, giving a feeling of torrential momentum.

Excellent resolving power, in the audition process, this deeply shocked me, even the smallest details of the sound

are restored to my ears, make me to feel the perfect music. Meanwhile, the three sound units make the headphones

has a very high sensitivity, need signal to noise ratio is very high.

Audio-Technica ATH-CK100 -the best in-ear headphones from Japan style

Feature: Triple balanced armature unit and the smallest 3 units in-ear earplugs.

Audio-Technica ATH-CK100 is the world's smallest 3 units earplugs, the overall weight of only 4 grams, for the

user to wear it very easily. Audio-Technica products if you are familiar with, it should know that in 2006 issued

the ATH-CK9, in relation to the first method uses a balanced armature unit, has since released the second

paragraph of ATH-CK10. The launch of the ATH-CK100 is the flagship model in this series, the use of triple

balanced armature unit is its greatest feature.

Sennheiser IE6 super high-end moving-coil

Feature: Large moving coil unit, good resolution.

Sennheiser IE6 with a moving coil drive unit and a powerful magnet Nvtie, IE6 Earphones bring enhanced low-

frequency high-fidelity sound. It also features excellent ambient noise inhibition, sensitivity reached 113db,

frequency response in the 10Hz-18KHz. Headset is equipped with three different sized silicone cover, silicone

cover is soft, very comfortable when worn.

Different headphones for different music, which is what most people know. If you like the rock or hip-hop music

you need to one headphoens just like the .

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Dec 5, 2012