sitting,listenin music,close sometimes eyes...''nothing wrong,i just don want to talk,im listenin music''.....thats all..

im watching everyone..observer always..

music,headphones.....imagining,thinkin some things for few minutes..

thats all.. .

amysangels amysangels
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3 Responses Feb 21, 2010

Hi amysangels<br />
oh I agree. It is a big step. Still knowing there is an alternative is helpful I hope. Being an observer is a role of value. You see what you see and think about how people are. Then in time maybe seek others like you. Is ok. Is not a race.<br />
hugs<br />

n as observer is difficult to take another role..but im tryin..

Hi amysangels<br />
The Observer is a role. There are others. I used to think of myself as a Witness. That is I saw the Word but did not feel responsible for it. How could I be responsible for everything outside of me! Later I found a different role. Being a part of it but on my own terms. That is better I think. Perhaps The Seeker. Good to meet people on the road.<br />
Respect sister<br />