Energy Changes And 2012

for at least the last two years maybe more now i have been experienceing many things on many levels of my being .iam wondering how many others out there on ep have experienced this. some of the syptoms im getting is like on top of my head like a slight pressure also been ungrounded some of the time , also food seems to be affecting me alot more .and also iam getting more and more sensitive to my surroundings i am seeing spirit much more now almost every night ,but with a different they are appearing quite solid now . and i used tosee them out of the corner of my eye alot now i see then standing there for a couple od seconds then they go ,i seem to be talking to my guides so much more now and the full moon is tremendously affecting me .more dreams which are very viviid . i would like to here from other and your opinions and experiences thanks lve n blessings to you all x
trishkhb trishkhb
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2 Responses Sep 12, 2011

hi bro, thankyou .yes alot of the higher souls are feeling energy shift in there bodies, right now and this will continue till we all intergrate with the 5d fifth dimension energys . at times it can feel strange like i get a slight pressure on the top of my head waking alot in the night, going to other planets alot . seeing other species of all galaxys. feeling tired, food intolerances that was before ok now carnt take . these are some of the stuff that is happening along with fears coming to the surface alot more and also feeling diorinated alot after waking from sleep or floaty not grounded enough during the day extra protection and care of the body and energys are needed now takecare bro blessings . iam well at the mo yes .:)

There seems to be a lot of unsettled feelings in the cosmos atm. I dont know how much that has to do with projection of what I'm feeling inside (been an interesting few months... lol) but yes Ive been sensing some very odd energies at times of late...<br />
Hope your well dear sis.