Shamanic Healing Of Depression


With most of the people concerned or affected by this dramatic illness, who possibly have taken the trouble to heal or to at least ease their cruel mental ailment of exhaustion and anguish already since decades with the methods known by western psychiatry, this question will possibly evoke only an incredulous head shake. However for me (Austrian MD, by profession specialist for neurology, psychiatry, general medicine and investigator of Shamanism in South America), this obviously is no more a question, because I assure to finally be able to heal this ailment definitely in at the most three weeks. For this, however, the psychoenergetic transformation potential of the so-called "Sacred Power Plants" of the Indian-American Shamanism is imperative. I declare to be able to put under proof anytime my assertion about the shamanic curability of the "Endogenous Depression". In order to be able to do this anywhere, however, a free special importation and application permission would have to be granted for the medicines required for this demonstration (i.e. for AYAHUASCA, botanical name: Banisteriopsis Caapi; and SAN PEDRO, botanical name: Trichocereus Pacchanoi). I am devoting myself since nearly thirty years to the exploration, teaching and practice of the Shamanic medicine of South and North America. Already 15 years ago I wrote a scientific monograph by commission of the Public Health Board from Ecuador about the psychoenergetic principles operating in Indian Shamanism. All the persons, who want to familiarize themselves with the healing strategies of Indian-American Shamanism, can receive the digital full text version of the book gratuitously (at present unfortunately available only in German and Spanish language), in order to be able to take new hopes for the cure of their ailments. (Title: „Die Schamanische Bewusstseinsekstase-Kernprinzip der Schamanischen Medizin“; "El Extasis Shamánico de la Conciencia - Principio Medular de la Medicina Shamánica"; Translation of the title: „The Shamanic Ecstasy of Consciousness – Core Principle of Shamanic Medicine“) THE SHAMANIC CURE OF THE DEPRESSION IN THE EXAMPLE OF TWO YOUNG WOMEN IN ECUADOR In May 2004 a friend from Pirmasens, Germany, informed me that I could address to the so called ("Net of competencies for depressions of Germany") that represents an initiative aided by the European Union (EU) to sensitize people affected by depressive illnesses and the public in general through the Internet. Well, I had undertaken a personal initiative already at the beginning of the month to noise abroad among friends in Europe the information on the shamanic curability of the so called "Endogenous Depression". Naturally I was very grateful to have received this indication, because I could address now to an already preexistent platform of information exchange, about whose existence had not known before. It is widely known that the depression, denominated "endogenous" by the formal medicine, is an illness of the soul, spirit and mind, characterized by such states of psychoenergetic exhaustion, anguishes and desperation that affected people prefer with alarming frequency to suicide themselves in exchange for their existential martyrdom. The depression is the illness with the biggest incidence of suicides at world level (!), and in view of the shamanic curability of the depression, relatively easy; it was a genuine desire to put in circulation this information, since in my shamanic rituals depressive patients are healed definitively in maximum three weeks. 1. To tell the truth, my wife and I participated in this night ritual with the SAN PEDRO* - MEDICINE, carried out in the surroundings of Quito / Ecuador, only as invited shamans. Hilario Chiriap, a young shaman of the tribe of the Shuaras, who lead this ritual, honored me when inviting me spontaneously to direct the ceremony in union with him. The ingestion of the SAN PEDRO - MEDICINE submerged us in a special state of consciousness and perception, known as “Shamanic Ecstasy of Consciousness". We already had spent some hours in this night with prayers, mantric and shamanic healing and invocation songs, when a young female participant named Paola, approximately 23 years old, began to cry deplorably and to call for her mother with all her body shaken by continuous moving sobs: "Mama, Mama, Mama, Mama! “. The woman's state, really worthy of pity, intensified by moments in such a way that all the other ones began to worry seriously, particularly when this situation had already continued about three hours; and neither the interventions of Hilario neither of the other participants, in their majority also familiarized with the Shamanic Medicine, were able to provide a real and effective help to the patient in this passage so dramatic of her harrowing psychic state. Suddenly I "knew", "saw", what had happened in the past of the girl's life, and without thinking it a lot, I proceeded to ask her: "Do you know, on principle, why you are calling for your mother so despairingly? “ She didn’t respond. – I said: "Because, she wanted to abort you!” Then I passed over to her on the other side, and while talking to her peacefully that she would have to learn now how to forgive her mother, I gave her three blessed blows with my Medicine - Pipe on her hands, joined in prayer, on her crown, her back and her chest. “She, in these moments, was living with her mother in the same house, the one that today is her best friend and she could not know the desperate circumstances, in which her progenitor was during her pregnancy. To whom of us would not have to be forgiven something?" After five minutes, Paola was calm and centered. In the morning she separated a little from the group, sat down above a high rock in the proximity with the body bent forward and the arm crossed on her calves and was obviously absorbed in a deep meditation. 2. This SAN PEDRO - RITUAL was carried out in our own place of rituals in Tumbaco, near Quito - Ecuador, and it was under my personal direction. Monica, an approximately forty year-old woman, was seated to my right; there were also present about eight young men and women. Having already lapsed some hours, I felt that I should help her, because she was very nauseous; and I felt that this nausea wouldn’t diminish although she had already vomited several times. It also called my attention that she was seated with her legs attracted to her belly, in curved position like an embryo. When I blew an alcoholic extract of aromatic herbs on her hands joined by way of prayer, she entered immediately in such sobs, mewls and cries that I was moved to sit down next in order to tranquilize her with my hug. Lapsed this way more or less half hour, she calmed finally and babbled, still sobbing, that to her mother had died another infant, when she was pregnant with her. Monica knew naturally about her little brother's tragic death, because she had been told, but the cellular memory of her body could not remember the abysmal sadness of her mother, to which she was subjected in her mother's belly along some months during the pregnancy and the one that was still instilled into her after her birth with the maternal milk. Now, her body could remember - due to this ritual experience. In spite of all the psychiatric helps, Monica had suffered of serious depressions during many years, without being able to even imagine the causes of her depression. However, also in this case a single shamanic ceremony was needed to cure her. * * * * * * With these two casuistically examples I don't want to insinuate in no way that the maternal intention of aborting the fetus or the death of an infant during the mother's pregnancy would represent the only imaginable causes for the manifestation of a depression in the later life of this fetus. If it could not be understood that these two women were liberated definitively of their depressions with these ritual experiences, it is because one doesn't simply want to understand. But for thinking men it should be of easy understanding at least that such a DEFINITIVE CURE cannot be produced neither with antidepressant pills neither with electric shocks, classically applied in the psychiatric hospitals (and much less with the futurist implantation of some type of chips (!)), because in the best (?) of the cases these measures would be only symptomatic, used exclusively to hide and to camouflage the symptoms of the depression - very similar to the relief of a pain with analgesic remedies that definitively cannot eliminate its cause. I said "in the best (?) of the cases", because it is a settled fact that the medical authorities of the USA (the FDA - Food & Drug Administration) did the antidepressants put in the stool of accused: It was recognized that they are related to a bigger suicide risk among the youths, and the experts make strong warnings to doctors and patients. These studies showed that a youth that ingests the investigated antidepressants ("Prozac" and "Zoloft", among others) has a risk of having suicidal thoughts twice as much than another one to whom placebos are administered. But apart from these "side effects", the medication of antidepressants transfers the sick making mechanisms at the bottom of the depression still more under the carpet, that is to say toward the subconscious, what prevents the patients to end up understanding their illness and to discover its possible causes, for then to be able to learn of how to overcome them. It is incontestably certain for me, both as psychiatrist and as shaman with long years of experience, that the real and definitive healing of “Endogenous Depression” can be implemented only with the indispensable assistance of the so-called “Sacred Power Plants” of Indian- American Shamanism, because, opposed to the concealing strategy of the classical psychiatric treatment, they facilitate the PSYCHOCATALYTIC** liberation of the pathogenic material contained in the deepest structures of our subconscious. No procedures of any kind of alternative methods can find access there. Undoubtedly these shamanic medicines only can be used under the expert guidance of an experienced shaman. In view of the 80 millions abortions appraised at world level annually, it is more than probable that some people among you are suffering for a similar reason of depressions, whose cause is a serious deficiency of vitality that can bring about cruel states of psychoenergetic exhaustion. In the casuistry presented a little while ago, it becomes visible, how such a deficiency of vitality comes into being "endogenously". To understand this, no medical university education is needed, but just a healthy common sense. I suppose that your mother, for comprehensible reasons, kept secret before you such a possible crisis of consciousness that could have existed during her pregnancy, or that she could not even communicate it nowadays. To be able to liberate the subtle energy scheme (the cellular and reticular memory) of the body from such negative, destructive energies and to load it ("vitaminize" it) with natural vital forces, much deeper and more efficient instruments are needed than those that are at the disposal of the conventional psychotherapy, that is: the employment - shamanically administered - of the so called "Sacred Power Plants" of the Indian-American Shamanism. Their notorious incrimination as "drugs" by the WHO (World Health Organization) is not only antiquated, because it has always been objectionable by the light of the ancestral wisdom of Shamanism, but is totally absurd and truly grotesque, because – among other things – the ”Sacred Power Plants" are also extremely capable to cure even the very drug-addiction, being equally incurable for the formal medicine! Why, to tell the truth, should the Psychocatalytic or Shamanic Medicines – that don’t produce any dependence and are characterized by a healing power inaccessible for the formal medicine, if they are used expertly by an experienced shaman – be prohibited? … When such heavy poisons, gravely addictive, as the opium or the morphine can be used legally in our clinics? – Maybe, only because the doctors don't know how to manage the shamanic medicines? In the interest for the health of the whole humanity, the rejuvenated investigation — but now carried through seriously under a competent, i.e. shamanic guidance (!) — of the healing effects of these Psychocatalytic Medicines has ended up being from now on an unconditional demand of our time that should not be more postponed. *SAN PEDRO - botanical denomination: Trichocereus Pacchanoi, a cactus of the Andes whose medicinal agent is the alkaloid mescaline. **PSICOCATALITIC - term that refers to the catalytic action of the shamanic medicines on the sub¬conscious and the consciousness, because due to it, the mate¬rial deposited in our subconscious be¬comes perceptible for the consciousness. DR. HEINZ VALENTIN HAMPEJS
66-70, M
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sounds great, but it is in too many words. Ok, so in a nutshell, how can a regular individual such as myself experience this healing?

You would have to participate in one of my shamanic healing seminars. Just send me your personal e-mail (, so that I can send you all the information needed for your participation. Best regards, Valentin

I would like to know how folks can recieve a healing like this, can you provide any information please?

You would have to participate in one of my shamanic healing seminars. Just send me your personal e-mail (, so that I can send you all the information needed for your participation. Best regards, Valentin

Dear reader: These are true stories! There are many others like these, but there is no need to make repetitions. DonĀ“t be afraid, you can be healed likewise, if you suffer from depression. You can find more information on my WEB-SITE: . Thank you for your interest. May God help you. Love and peace, Valentin