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Dear Sarah,

It’s time you had some control over your health insurance costs. In the past 10 years, your family’s health insurance bill has more than doubled. And if nothing is done to rein in the health insurance industry, your premiums will double again in another 10 years.

Did your salary double during the past decade – will it in 10 years? Meanwhile, the CEOs of the top health insurance companies each averaged $9.7 million in compensation in 2008. How can they possibly understand the financial strain on us from their never-ending rate increases? 

We have the power to force health costs down if we get real oversight of insurance companies and allow competition to flourish. We have to make sure that we can control what we pay, how we pay it, and what we get for it. And the leading health reform bill does that.

Read more in our continuing series about what you’ll get from health reform – and forward this email to your friends and family. Last week we reached nearly 60,000 new people with information they probably didn't know about health reform. We want to double that number this week! Forward this message to at least two others in your inbox--this may be the most important thing you can do to keep health reform on track.

For the first time ever, all insurance companies would have to:

  • Spend up to 85% of your premium on your health care, or rebate you the difference. That means most of what you pay will actually go for medical care, not to bloated CEO salaries and overhead. It makes sure insurance companies are beholden to you, not just their stockholders.

  • Openly compete against each other for your business based on better care and price – not just avoiding sick people. And at least two companies will compete across state lines in an insurance “store,” called an exchange, giving you the same choice of policies that members of Congress must pick from.

  • Clearly list what they charge, and what they cover, so you can easily comparison shop on the Internet.

  • Be upfront about how they’ll treat you, by describing their policies in plain language and clearly explaining your rights.

  • Simplify their paperwork by following the same rules when it comes to eligibility and claims, helping you and your doctors.

Of course, the industry is terrified that these controls will stop their greedy practices. Maybe that’s why they’ve been spending millions on lobbying and scary ads to make sure you don’t get these and other guaranteed benefits in the health reform bill.


Help us tell everyone how they would benefit by forwarding this email to everyone you know. Getting control over our health care costs has to be a top priority, and the leading health reform bill gives us the edge we need to make competition work.

Want to know more? Click here for more details about how health reform will begin giving you some control over your health care costs, and putting more of what you spend toward your care.


Liz Foley,

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4 Responses Feb 20, 2010

Thanks chipperchick......<br />
Sometimes it seems I am just shouting in the dark.

Elfinsongt<br />
Today, I watched the entire senate congressional hearings, with Goldman Sachs..Opened my eyes about the filthy practices they pull over...but I prefer to lose my money, on my own, instead of being burnt by accountants, and financial advisers...Like in the past...<br />
<br />
Rightwingers don't truly read anymore, they prefer to get their info from Glenn Beck, and Rush, and most of Fox...Plus the true CrAZIES, THE MILTIA toting, secessionists...<br />
Keep vocalizing, my friend,<br />

Chipper... Thanks for being the first and maybe last one to comment.... smiles<br />
I agree with your take on it........... I was hoping the right wingers would read this but maybe they didn't want to comment because it destroys their arguements

Elfinsong,<br />
Just found this info, and thank you for getting the word out...I'm still amazed people don't read anything anymore...More like the dumb, leading the dumber, wouldn't you say?<br />
<br />