Lump That Scares Me

Hi there.

I hav had a lump in my upper left arm. I wasn't so worried before as it has come and gone over the last year or so but over the last few months it has grown bigger and painful. It still comes n goes. So e days it's about the size of a golf ball and other days its hardly there at all. I went and had a scan on it yesterday. Hoping it would put my mid be at ease and they would just tell me it's a fatty lump or something.

Now I'm even more worried. The doctor told me he wants me to go for an MRI scan. I've had mri's before as I have DCM but it was the look of concern he had that I can't get out of my mind.

Should I be worried. A lump that changes in size that is rock hard and causing pain? Makes my arm feel weak and hurts more the bigger it is.

Thank you for reading

If u know anything or have been through anything like this thn please help!

Kind regards
glammy106 glammy106
Dec 1, 2012