Yes, I Do Hear Music In My Dreams

I DO hear music in my dreams that does not actually exist. Or, on occasion, exist as of yet.

First scenario occurrence: I was about 5 years old and heard techno and trance music when I was dreaming. The club that I was in was really lit by pink neon lighting. I didn't even know what that kind of music was. NO it was NOT DISCO! It was trance-y. When I first heard trance, techno, I KNEW the dream came true!

I had another dream where I heard music, but the song sounded so "plausible". I don't know what they were saying in the song, but it was a plausible radio song. I really liked the song a LOT. I listened to internet radio on Shoutcast to see if I could really get to hear one like it. No dice. I was a little sad for this as I may not hear that song again. Hope someone makes the song, though. I thought the song was cool.
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2 Responses Oct 18, 2011

This happened to me just now. I was partly asleep and could clearly hear a song fully with all parts just as if I were listening this second. Even had a male 80s type voice with lyrics and all! There was an elaborate synth melody. When I woke up I tried to recall it but I only remember the first few seconds of the synth melody but not the lyrics the man was singing.
I don't know if this song already exists and I'm just recalling it from a past life (yes I do believe we have lived before) or if I just created it now in my sleep. Either way I hope to either hear it play someday if it's an existing song or recall it and re-create it (I do play piano and sing) and that would be just the best thing ever.

Omg I totally agree with this article, I had dreams many times before where I heard this incredible song in my dream but wake up and realise that the song doesn't even exist. It makes me wish I was a music composer/producer so I could make this song become reality. If it has lyrics I usually write them down so I won't forget them. It's amazing what our brains do.