I Hear Music That Isn't There

So.. it's probably worth mentioning that I'm really into music, and have been playing guitar for a few years.


This happened a while ago but.. I remember, maybe 2-3 years ago, after sitting in a car for about 6 hours, I suddenly heard 5-10 seconds of music that I've never heard before. It sounded quite complex and there was vocals with lyrics... (I think... but maybe they just seemed like lyrics, because I couldn't remember them after..) And I remember there was really "psychedelic" visuals....

It happened again about 20 minutes later (Completely different music though).

So, then I hear the news on the radio, and I said to my parents, "Why did you change the station?" My mom gave me a confused look and said its been on the same station for like 2 hours.

Has anyone else experienced this? I guess it was a dream??


CCCC8888 CCCC8888
Feb 19, 2010