From The Messenger

I have written a story in here before on behalf of my father being the messenger after his death in nineteen seventy six.
He died at the young age of forty eight but I believe God needed his assistance up there since there are so many in Heaven.
My dad in my eyes was a close second to our God. A gentle loving ,careing man who would always be there to lend a hand.
The day arrived and dad was taken to the hospital and found out later he was full of cancer. He had been hideing his pain for a long time.
Once admitted into the hospital and test were taken they told the family he only had about five days to live.
I remember family members comeing from all over to visit dad in his final moments. I hated the feeling of death and darkness that seemed to loom all around his bed. I felt his death approaching. I told my mother I had to leave that I wasn't able to see him being taken by the angel of death.
My mother later told me dad sat up in bed and just smiled at every one and waved his hand good bye.It was over so I thought.
About a week later I was still very depressed after the funeral and went to lay down. That is when I heard a knock on my front door.
I wondered why no one answered the door. I remembered that before I laid down family members were gathered just to talk and be around if needed. The pounding of the door just got louder and louder. so I got up and answered the door. And there stood my dad all decomposeing before my eyes. I said dad what are you doing here? Your suppose to be dead and in the cemetary.
He said I want you to quit crying and go back to bed now. I'm up in Heaven now and I will see you when your time comes.
I remember feeling a total sense of peace through my body and soul. I said ok dad I'm going back to bed.
When I returned to bed I slept like I never have before. The Messenger [my dad] gave me a new out look on life.
There is truley a place for all of us and it's called HEAVEN.
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Jul 14, 2010