I Hear Voice

I hear voice in my head.

And some time they are really to me.

Went to the Doctor and he understand me.

It was cool that he did understand what I was going through.

It is terrible to hear those voice that is not suppose to be there.

So if you hear them in your head you  are not alone .

I hear them and there is medicine for them.


lashanda lashanda
51-55, F
5 Responses Mar 16, 2007

I also want to add that things such as Holy Water, Salt, and Smudging the house doesn't work at all.

I have been hearing voices for about 6 months. I was diagnosed with bi-polar and depression, and have been on two differnt types of meds to quiet the voices so far. I have also gone to church and have had many people pray over me and for me. The voices are always there 24-7 and never go away. The meds do work but have side effects that can be tough to deal with so I am still trying to find the right one. The voices are all extremely negative and condemning. They threaten to kill me in my sleep, and also curse God , but don't tell me to hurt myself or others. The hardest part about this is to find a support group or people to talk to, because I can't be the only one who is going through this. I signed on to this site to really find people that can relate to me, so please know that I am being sincere in looking for help and also someone to talk with and share our experiences. Thanks

I understand what it's like being lonely yet wanting to be alone. And yes, I hear voices too, though not as much as I once did...

I have heard them too, main reason my Screen name is SpaceHead. But They are mean, sometimes I wonder if they are "good" But good voices dont make you feel like nothing. They dont accuse you and they dont tell you you cant. I know its kinda silly saying they but you understand what I mean.

Well I hope you one day you don't have to listen to those voices.