Me Too!

I haven't heard him for a while but i have one prominent voice which is louder, deeper more forceful than the rest!!!

He only ever comes out when I'm ill or depressed! He mocks me!

The first time i heard him i was about 6-7 years old! i had been ill for days n not getting any better so i was feeling really really rough n couldn't be bothered to do anything!

This time i was coming back from the toilet and forgot to turn the light off!i had been hearing hear voices for most of the day but i assumed they were coming from downstairs as the family kept coming round to check up on me!

But i then heard this man say in the most sarcastic tone! "don't turn the light off then duhhhh" i didn't quite click n i turned the light off n walked into the bedroom! It wasn't until i got into bed that i realized what had just happened!
I shouted for my mum n dad n then the man shouted at me! he told me to stop being so silly n lie down n go to sleep!
But i didn't n he started shouting at me! getting louder n louder until he was just screaming at me!!!

I stopped shouting them n he stopped n said "well lie down then! oh god come on!!!"

I remember it like it was yesterday as i have been scared of it ever since!!!

i also hear his voice when i have panic attacks as well which is pretty scary!

I  which i didn't have a man stuck up there! why cant i have a girl!! it would make so much more sense!! =-)
sazead sazead
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3 Responses Mar 21, 2007

Do you have anxiety attacks regularly ?:o

thats interesting. i think its trying to look out for your best interest and is not someting to be feared. my voices are jumbled and slurred. at least you can understand yours

Well I have a woman voice sometimes, she just makes me feel inadequate. At least yours is interesting, mine are mean.