Natomas Community Voices

  I hear people talking about me. I hear this 24/7. They spend 15 hours a day and 9 hours a night talking about me. They dont just talk, but they watch( In the shower also) me like I'm some TV show. They talk in a very very abusive. They said they want to ruin my life, and kill me. They said they are going to steal my stuff, and they call me ugly. They said they were going to frame me, and cancle my income. This is just a little of what I hear in a average 10 minutes> They call me nasty, and threaten to tell some rumor about me. They have spread hundreads of lie rumors about me. They tell people thet i dont know how to read, and that i eat shie. they tell people that they want me to gain 100 puonds. this has been going on fro about three years. They also announce what I am thinking. They are compulsive liers, they lie more than 25 times a day. They have a lot of serious mental illness, and personality flaws. They said no one would beleave me if I told them about this. They are very sadistic, and narcissist presonality's.They said I couldn't do any thing about this, because I don't know who they are.They sometimes lie to deny this,  and then they do it again the next day. The group of people who do this is large.They do this nonstop. They said they want to stress me out. They said they were going to put me in jail for crimes I didn't comit. they said i just dont like her. these people have the bigest ego you have ever encountered. They clain that there better than humans, and suppiror. they claim that there rich , and they call outhers workers. As if they never do work. They announce my thoughts alote. they copy me, at all kinds of stuff. Like what shoes i wear, and what products I get. My hobies they copy. Some of them tell me that there better than me, about everyday. They say " I'm better than you because I'm skinner than you" I have been to mental hospitals, and given anti depresion meds. It is hard on my family. They said they were going to ruin my reputation. They judg me about any thing they notice, in the most abusive way. Some of then are very imature. They say "No I don't you do" when I talk about there abusive habbits. They say that, and many outher things. Over and over again. All day everyday, for years now. They talk about wanting me to move. They said it's there goal to run me out of this neighborhood. They use relational aggression. They will say somthing nasty, and then say my sister said it. I don't live with my sister so I don't know if she did. They tell me, my sister said somthing I bought is not mine. They tell me my bedroom at my parents home is not mine. They take any info they can get on me, like SSN number, phone numbers, family member info.They talk about contacting anyony who might have info on me. They have a serious obsesion with me. They tell me my E-mail is not mine. I tryed to join as a member and it said my e mail is being used already, and the name I entered also.emintine      VRR
Clemintinelove Clemintinelove
May 9, 2012