Hearing Voices While Having A Panic Attack?

Hey Soo I think I had a panic attack or something. I was under a lot of stress, major factors being I had lost my scholarship for my university, had a nasty argument with my father and I had about to face again a man who had tried to force himself on me and had constant followed me around after that. Before my panic thingy I was crying and I was tempted to cut myself. I didn't. When I'm in my room alone I started hearing voices, family members and close friends even some voices I have no idea who belong to. They were all negative stuff about me, even going as far as telling me to cut myself and to do it right. I was terrified since this had never happen to me. Ever since that day I have not heard them as clearly and as loud as that time, but when ever I get stress I can hear whispers. Any advice to how I can get myself better?
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I understand this. I have often hallucinated in the past when I've had panic attacks. I know it's scary and it makes you feel alone, and like you're going crazy. But, you're really not. There are many people in your same situation who don't have any diagnosable psychological condition but go through a time in a state of high stress and depression where this happens. In the end, I decided to make friends with my voice. I talked back to it and developed a small relationship with it as if it were real, even though we both know it is a figment of imagination. I treated my voice as if it were a human being. Yes, you can try to ignore it. However, another approach, is to tell your voice what it thinks and what it wants to do. Hallucinations in many situations will have a tendency to copy you if you say something to it. If you say it "hello" it may say "hello" back to you. Instead of fighting against it, work with it, because for now it is a part of you. I'm certainly not saying it's forever. But for the time being, it might be more progressive to try this.

*say "hello" to it,

Follow their advice, they are always right.
Its why I am successful.

Try very hard to ignore them. Don't and I say again don't try to listen for them. As you concentrate on these voices they will get worse. They may come and go and may get really pushy at times or loud. The more you try to figure them out the more you attempt to understand them the worse it gets. I once heard a story of a man that was compelled to keep neat and almost became a became compulsive with it he was able to cure himself by not giving into it. ie. he did the opposite of his compulsion like messed his drawers instead of keeping them neat. The feeling went away after repeated attempts on his part not to comply. Your voices will go away if you also don't give in by listening. Say go away go away even if their persistent and confusing you. Try very hard to distract yourself from listening or giving in too the awful feelings that sometimes comes with it. Good luck !!

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Actually it is advised to by many psychologists to do the exact opposite of that. What they're telling you to do is fight against your body. Much like panic attacks, you can't "defeat" them by fighting back. That just makes you panic more. Distracting yourself and ignoring it is good advice.

Focus your eyes on Jesus, for our Heavenly Father loves us much more than our earthly fathers ever could! "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest." ~ Jesus (Matthew 11:28). Please listen, because in Jesus I have found nothing but grace and mercy and he has been to me my source of strength when I have been told I am not good enough. I have already prayed for you <3.

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