They're Around Me

Often when I wanna go to bed and it is very quiet I start to hear the voices. They don't talk to me or about me. It is as if there were people in the room with me that are talking to each other and I can hear them. I hear other people's conversations in my head. Not fully through though. Just some parts that don't make any sense. I always try to shut them out but it will never work. Sometimes I'm scared of turning completely insane...

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I suffer from persecutory auditory hallucinations. the voices are telling me they want me dead

It's comparable to the movie Bruce almighty when he ignores the prayers and then they all come down on him at once. usually when I am alone. glad I'm not the only one

your not crazy. the exact thing happens to me. It is just the imprints of emotions, the conversations imprinted on the location and your just tuned in to that station so you can hear them. they may not make sense but dont be scared

maybe you have early symptoms of schizofrenia

The sounds are real but from a diffearnt cycle or phase resonating<br />
From somewhere else just bounced your way by chance no big deal.<br />
You are aware of more than you realize.Take time to think about what<br />
was said and learn that what we are taught and lead to belive is not correct and only encompasses what our parents and others around us belive.A paradine shift for you will help you realize you are not crazy or touched. Only more aware and unable to explain it.

Whew. I thought I was the only one.

Yeah, I do heard voices and not only when I'm almost asleep.<br />
Usually, if I'm scared and want to shut them out, I say a little prayer to my guide, my protector.<br />
I shut my eyes and just ask them to shut up and go away.<br />

i'm the same way. it's when i'm falling asleep, i'll hear snatches of conversations, none of which are about me or to me. ::shrug::

This has happened to me too. I've also felt a presence moving around the room and sometimes sitting on the bed. Some say this is sleep paralysis; others say alien abduction or assault by demons. Since UFOs first showed themselves to my mother in the 1930s, they have been a presence in our family. I have seen several, including a very close encounter in the daylight in 1972. Being awakened by bright lights and loud, pulsing, mechanical souns, I tend to believe the UFO version. I can just tell you that I learned that you can stop being bothered by these negative forces in our life if you can learn to overcome the fear and let them know that they are not wanted. A sincere prayer for the protection of the white light of love and protection can stop these things from happening. I'm not a religious zealot. I don't belong to a church. It was a very caring psychic who taught me this. You're not going crazy!

He's certainly in the best position to judge whether or not there is anything significant about the voices, even if it is only small reassurance. :)

Well, I've talked to my psychiatrist about it. He doesn't seem to think that it's particularly strange. Guess it's only a symptom of nervousness...

Have you talked to a counsellor or a god doctor about this? If you haven't, I really think you should :) The symptom by itself doesn't necessarily *mean* any one thing in particular. It might give you some reassurance to know why this is happening, and it is possible to *sometimes* get rid of them, too.

This has been known to happen to sufferers of Borderline Personality Disorder.<br />