hello there you can call me Uta, these past couple of days when I am alone. I usually hear voices shouting things. They aren't clear enough for me to understand because they seem so close let so far away. And sometimes they shout at the same time and it's only when I am focusing on something like such as reading or using the computer or in the shower. It's really confusing and I have never experienced anything like it before. If you can tell me why it is happening please do. They are usually voices of my friends and family.
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I can relate to urs it is awful wen u hear ur families voice or a friend n u r left confused thinkin they don't want u around they hate u wit everything they got n mine is in tha shower to so I take my phone to listen to music but then It's like they r comin threw my phone.... No way to get away from them just screaming out for a break they say I have schizophrenia but I believe actual ppl did this to me n r luvin it I ain't myself anymore ):