When September Ends

This song doesn't just make me cry,it makes me weep about how i was born with such and hard luck and such a wrong way of living. It started wrong and it's carry on being wrong more, and i don't ask why! I can't ask why .
When there's earphones in my ears and the volume is high, listening to his voice and picturing both Jamie Bell and Evan-Rachel Wood in eachother's arms Her weeping and him soothing making me wish that i could too live that amazing moment.
I was born in September and it was a rainy day, full of melancholy and my mother's agony. But i love it, no matter how much it brings me ****** luck and disturbing memories. Every year in the 19th of September, while my parents keep remembering the moment i was born, while my friends enjoy their time at my party, You'll find a girl in the corner, day dreaming, picturing how she came out of her mother's cozy womb into this awful and distressful world full of lies and troubles of any kind, more on, there is she thinking the beginning of a new year in school and new friends and new people popping out  of their little dirt holes waving for you to meet them so at the end they could slap you so hard you would forget your name.
And here i am Waking Up When September Ends...
GothicFlower GothicFlower
18-21, F
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Life is never wrong, or bad, it is what you make of it that counts!