I cry a lot over music. I cry at church often because the music moves me remember how grateful I am for this life that is so blessed. I cry happy tears over songs from high school that remind me how much fun I had. I cry over love songs that seem to express my feelings so adequately.

The most recent song I cried over is the live song between the two volcanoes at the beginning of the movie Inside Out. http://youtu.be/nj-jT8ha9m4
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4 Responses Jun 24, 2015

The gambler. Heard it a million times but it still "gets" me when the gambler breaks even. And don't even play Teen Angel for me.

me too always blubbering after hearing music that touches my soul????

oops not know why those question marks came out lol

Me too... Some songs can really bring tears to the eyes.. I often wonder how they sing the song without the tears flowing

"STAY!" From the soundtrack for the movie "Interstellar." It rips out my heart. Frikkin' hay fever. ;-) It really makes me weep, knowing what is about to happen.