The Bully/ This Really Happened To Me

I was walking down a hallway in my school ever so blissfully, when i hear this statement (Hey what your wearing is gay) I turn around and asked *What?* She laughs and say's (You heard me, your ears are pretty big, I said what your wearing looks gay.) I was looking at her like she was stupid, but instead of threatning her or telling her to shut up I smiled at her. I than said calmly *This shirt of mine isn't gay, it does not have feelings for my pants of the same gender, you also said my ears were big, but you are right, don't I look like the typical elephant lady? The girl looked at me with a bewildered look. She than told me to be quiet and lose weight. I showed no emotion this time and I looked at my stomach and said *I wasn't trying to be rude but you are right again, I am getting fat, I guess I need to work out, I'll do just that for you and I'm glad you were concerned with my weight, thanks. I could see their was fear in her eyes and she looked at me and said *Look, I don't have time for wierdos like you I'm out of here. I laughed to myself and said *Wait, come back, I was having a nice time with you. Ever since that day she never bullied me again, my secret was to make it seem like I enjoyed her insults. The next time someone bullies you verbally, try to kill them with kindness or agree with them, they may just stop.
Cianna300 Cianna300
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1 Response Jan 22, 2013

You go girl!!!!!!!! You really showed her! Bullies hate it when what they say doesnt get too you!