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 As I was walking down the hall at school, "All white people are racist, man, all of them are out to get us." 

Nobody said anything either. I swear if I had said the same thing about any other race I would have been stoned to death.

Egh. There's racists everywhere. 

I don't know... that seems to be on my mind a lot lately. :/

kleisse kleisse 22-25, F 4 Responses Sep 5, 2008

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I totally agree. I hate when people of other skin colors, act like they have a right to be cruel, and hateful towards people with lighter skin.

Yep you're right you would have been stoned to death. I hear lots of racial slurs from my mother the racist. I told her I think I should look up the local KKK, she'd be a perfect member. Its always about us and them. When you look at the world with a closed mind, that's exactly what you see.

Did I say I held a grudge about this?

Racism is on both sides of the fence. But your best bet in this situation is to forgive them for their ignorance, & move on.<br />
I've noticed that folks use the term ignorant ( or ignorance) differently than its definition. "Oh, she's / he's just ignorant." Which seems to mean that this person is cruel by their own design.<br />
Being ignorant can be compared to the unfortunate folks who are trained to believe they are accomplishing good when they kill people in the name of a religion / prophet. In no way do I believe these people are stupid, just fed w/ lies.