The Advantages Of Policemen Noticing Details



In 2005, President Gloria Arroyo went on national TV to celebrate the capture of Radulan Sahiron, another Abu Sayyaf leader who was known as the "one armed bandit" because he lost his right arm in a firefight with troops.

"I would like to commend our police and soldiers because... they caught the notorious Abu Sayyaf leader Radullan Sahiron," Arroyo said. "This intelligence project has been on for a long time... now he is caught, congratulations to police." The man believed to be Sahiron was flown to Manila, paraded on television and denounced as a terrorist.

A day after Arroyo's announcement, however, police admitted they had got the wrong man.

They had only just realised the man they had arrested was missing his left arm. Sahiron, as you may recall, did not have his right arm. The puzzled, but relieved suspect, turned out to be just a small-time businessman and **** fighting enthusiast from the southern Philippines.


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Hi shannonmeduh<br />
an insight into what makes a terrorist!<br />

ha ha, lucky for him indeed.

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I do believe he was just happy to be let go. Lucky for him he had not lost the other arm instead!<br />

There are many people stupid like this in this life. Did they pay for that poor man anything koy?

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replenishes faith in human incompetence hey! How refreshing!<br />

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detectives skills lacking!<br />
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How could they MISS that!