Snow Journey...

   Not suppose to be here was one thing  Surpassing the doctor's expectations was another, but given the chance to see the first snowfall with my grandson was the best day of my journey so far.  One I never thought I would be taken down.

It started with a forecast....snow on the way...Everyone laughed...Not again, it will pass us like always. 

  But Jake and I knew better, we waited, our hearts pounding.  He enjoys being on my journeys.  He calls it "Our time" .  

  Then it happened, we heard the snow lightly hit the windows, As I was given the the gift of sharing this with him, I realized I was hearing that snow from my heart...It wasn't making a noise, it was quietly falling, covering our paths as we watched, 1inch, 2inches, all together 7 inches. 

  I watched out the window as he played in the snow, making me snow angels, snowmen and forts.  I was on a journey of my life.  I was suppose to be gone, doctor's said so....But, my journey wasn't time has not come.

   Oh, I am blessed, I heard snow fall on my journey.

Debijean Debijean
56-60, F
3 Responses Mar 4, 2009

Beautiful, just beautiful!

Thank you for sharing such a beautiful story.<br />
It sounds like you and Jake have more journeys in your future.

What a great story....Congratulations to you being here...Blessings