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I Heard Gods Voice For Real

I was a kid about 6 or 7 years old standing outside on a bright sunny day in summer,suddenly this huge voice calls my first name,it was so loud,wise and powerful i expected people to come out onto their balconies but no one did.I looked all over the place as even at that age i new this was not a normal voice,and in the sky which had not a single cloud just blue sky i saw 2 giant birds of prey one was all silver on the left and the other one all gold on the right and they were fighting ferociously feathers fell mixed of their fury this lasted for about 8 to 10 seconds then i turned to a friend i had he was about 3 feet away and i figured that he heard the voice so i said did you see that and he looked at me sarcastically and said see what ? never mind i said,and didn't tell this to anyone for quite a few years because most people would surely think that i'm nuts.
I have experienced the power of prayer later on in life that is,and fully believe that the son of god is in fact the almighty's living word ,
also the power of the laying of the hand.
and i love the way the book of john starts.
anyway i don't want to babble on too much and i appreciate being able to share this strange story.
FurryFace FurryFace 56-60, M 5 Responses Mar 16, 2012

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Spiritual experiences can be had while among others yet affect only you. You shouldn't be surprised at their disbelief.
Laying on of hands is a small way we can channel The Holy Spirit which is a name for a more complete, fuller version of God's energy we usually see only part of.

yep well said and an underestimating of the Holy Spirit can also occur in some , it can also act over a length of time like a time release capsule

The whole Creation was/is made of God's energy. Most are blind to this fact. The Holy Spirit is uncommon but is the right of everyone to experience if only they allowed it. A slight against The Holy Spirit is said to be the only unforgivable transgression.


parents should not give kids LSD

this stuff actually happens you know , but i know you obviously don't know

what??? I know I dunno but it sure sounds weird about the birds especially...but while on the topic did you ever see a miracle?

from my own observance and circumstance yes a few times

You heard God speak to your Spirit and you heard Him with your spiritual ears and this is why no one else heard him. Most people don't understand this but true believers do. God bless you. What a wonderful story.

yes spiritual ears and eyes same kind of stuff when i wrestled with an Angel

Very interesting, especially as we watch silver and gold fight for top sales.

I have had a few miracles so I know God manifests Himself whenever and however He wants. I know He always knew you would be a great follower of Him and therefore, it is easy for you to recognize great miracles in your life. The same is for me. God had given me so much and I now try to open my eyes MORE to see where He is in everything and what He is trying to tell me, and I am constantly looking for miracles, so I think I see more now than ever.

its one of the reasons i tell people to expect what they ask for in his name , because he can deliver but it is very different than what you get as compared to the world of things

Amen Brother:D