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I just heard something thrilling.  A gentleman said, "We shall only pass this way but once."
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Thank you my friend - I'm partial to that one as well.

That poem is great, that last line...

That poem is great, that last line...

No habla fair. -- Remember Hunter Thompson and his ether? -- You're right, I'm cheating. Show me a rule and I'll break it. Tell me to turn right and I'll turn left just because I can.

Early Halloween present.

Ballroom Dancing Lessons For The Dead<br />
<br />
A seedy neighborhood in Hades<br />
Shabby streetcars groan<br />
And squeal on Nowhere Boulevard<br />
Madame Putchky winds up a Victrola<br />
Drops its needle into wax and listens<br />
Hissing like a fire made of cellophane <br />
Lester teases blue notes smooth as silk<br />
Slowly they decay into the hall<br />
Empty box with shiny floor<br />
Massive mirrors cloak each wall<br />
Smiling now she wipes away<br />
Some wrinkles from her gown<br />
Soon the students will ascend <br />
On sagging metal steps<br />
Shuffle through the door<br />
What they failed to do in life<br />
They’ll do forever more

Ah, the internet. So powerful, so far-reaching and yet so incapable of conveying the look of one woman grinning like an idiot at her laptop in Music City.

Great Ceaser's ringlets, what a mind! Thus am I reminded of what can happen when speech is imprecise. All your options have merit, and could apply. But I think the gent that coined this phrase simply meant we get only one farandole on this shiny parquet before we shuffle off to Buffalo, or worse.

What are we talking here, football? Flatulence? Funeral home euphemisms? Acing college courses? Pretending you're a different race? <br />
<br />
Meat! I need more meat in my aphorisms!

That is thrilling, once is enuff for anyone