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Proper Chicken Respect Pen'd/free Ranged

K, I was wondering about raisin' Chickens... After all they give life/ are a creator of life and nourish my soul....

My past family members had them around for years and years, but unfortunately, When I became of age, my family left the farms and headed into the cities to support the WWII machinist efforts or go off and fight..

My Grampa was the one of 2 people in my family I knew,  (whom stilled raised chickens when I was really small) and the chicks were raise in a coup, but qualified as free ranged ?

 I guess, they really never seemed to wander off very far from the coup so they musta be lazy free rangers ..LOL

My other Aunt, who still kept the family farm, actually raised pen"d chickens for eggs, what a experience to open the door and see a flush occur...

several cats were their company in this huge building, to keep the mice populations down from all the seed tossed and never bothered the birds..

Now as I am becoming older, I appear a bit more / wish  to become more enlighten and was reading a book that was supposedly written by a great orator ...

After listening to additional stories, (from others0, on this issue , I have a few revelations about these providers of life and nourishment.

Funny thing , I always loved Chickens, wanted to be near them, hope someday to understand them better, just trying to feel them..

It was a warm July afternoon in a outhouse and I was overcome by a vision....

I know what the chickens want for one spoke to me there , well not spoke to me really, but came to me in my vision and told me what chickens want!

She told me, if people don't start treating and eating chickens with respect, the chickens,( A select few), are  going away and you'll never see them again...

She gave me authority to speak on her behalf, since you might know about chickens, but don't have a true understanding and she doesn't want you be be without chickens...

Somehow this sounds like another story I heard of, But I just can't place it.. If I remember later , I'll Re-post...

Sry I just remembered I didn't finish the story.. sry


So anyway:

I ain't lying.....


I know that previous post to be true.

Some might say it was an attack of methane, instead of a vision, but believe me when I said: she Talk to me and warns everyone about the plight of the Chicken Pen'd vs free range and the lack of peoples respect..


PS; I think I'm gonna die someday, hopefully not  before you learn the truth and I want you to be with the chickens,so show some respect by maybe setting up some kind of bust/ or effigy or better yet donate to my respect the chicken fund that I'll be setting up that will hopefully enlighten everyone throughout the world...

Ok maybe I can just talk to your children since you seem lost on the subject, and they don't have any preconceived notions about chicken ingrained yet..


I think I'm gonna hafta to get a Kleenex to dry my eyes, I'm laughin so hard....LOL

Randysdot Randysdot 51-55, M 1 Response Mar 20, 2010

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