Shocking News

The LA Times just reported his Death! This was a few minutes ago..50 years old.Cnn didn't confirm the story, but yes It looks true. There's a whirlwind of news coming in on the Pop Star.His fans will be mortified.

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8 Responses Jun 25, 2009

I'm in shock! But i guess it was just his time to go. I think he'll finally be able to rest now. He had a very troubled life.

Yes, quite rightly ladee. Fan or are sensitive in regards to his children. This event will be an explosion of mixed views with caustic remarks.I wasn't a huge fan. I liked some of his songs VERY much..still do too.I believe he straddled two worlds. His personal life was clearly a mess. I'm sure the stories will flood the book stores and tabloids.

Imagine all the words and impressions of him that will be spoken. A troubled man. Yes, his 3 children will be hurt! I hope the the media will be reasonable kind, for awhile. The kids will be reading all of the remarks someday.

I feel sorry for his children. They are so young as was he. :(

Cardiac arrest! Details should be forthcoming. I'm glued to the Tv. this is crazy..

Yes, I just heard it on the news. He died at 2:00pm Texas time. Wow, now all the tributes will be coming out.

im watching it now on sky news...he was only 50 thats so sad.

i am in shock...what a loss to the music world.