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I Get Hot Listening To My Step-dad ******* My Mom

As i've said elsewhere, my mom's bf has made sure I've seen his ****, and its a nice big one. Well, their bedroom is right next to the bathroom, and its an old trailer with thin walls. So I was able to hear everything if I went to the bathroom soon after they went to bed. Several times I took a bath while listening to their bed bouncing and I could hear his balls slapping against her. They would do it for a long time. I got myself off a few times while listening, especially when I had just sent him some pics, or gave him a nice peep show. I know he was fantasizing about ******* me!
michelle13037 michelle13037 18-21, F 36 Responses Apr 27, 2012

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I make my wife scream when her mom is here, gets me so worked up knowing she can here me ******* her daughter

I've done that a few times while ******* my wife

Wow i want some

What a dirty girl you are!

Super it.

You probably don't want to hurt your mom, but go ahead and have sex with him -- you only live once!

hot, wish I was your step dad. Thanks for the story.

just tell him to hit u with that fat **** big daddy


Yep I would listen to my father bang my stepmom in the next room. She was very loud at times. I knew she was only doing it to make sure I could hear her. After he went to work she would smile and fish for comments about how she sounded and how she was feeling after word for example "I bet you were thinkging about it'. I never touched her but she was almost 15 years younger than my dad.

If I were your stepdad I would totally enjoy you teasing me too, and honestly I would find a way for us both to *** together as often as you liked. Daddy like to make his little girl happy.<br />
And BTW Daddy love for you to send him naughty pictures and notes about what your thinking about.

my mom liked to have loud angry sex and she made sure the whole house heard her. Her boyfriends got off on it too.

not really. When i was younger I didnt know what was happening and it scared me. The sex was usually preceded by screaming matches and throwing things so it was more scary than anything. Then as a teenager, it just grossed me out. Now Im pretty indifferent to it.

That is very exciting that you can enjoy the sounds and images. The flirtations and you sending him photos, he know you want him like he wants you. Sounds like it's about to happen soon

Sexy Girl

Do it!

great story

Has he ever heard you having sex with your BF?


thats a hot story! i get hot listening to my parents too. when did u send him pics and give him a show? would u **** him?


You naughty girl teasing him with pictures. LOL love it. Will you friend me?

have you asked him to **** you yet

Nice that you get some fun from their fun!

He must really be putting it to her if you can hear his balls slapping her ***, that's hot.

oh yes so hot !!!!!

You should walk around the trailer bottomless with a night shirt that isn't quite long enough when he is there. Stuff a pair of your used panties into his jacket pocket sometime when he is in bed with your Mom. Before you do, ********** in them and get them all creamy.

ever c ur step dad jerk off !?

would you let him **** you

It must be very exciting of seeing or hearing making love mother and her man... :). I guess you *********** several times, wasn´t you?

can't blame him for wanting you