My Teacher Farted In My Face

So I was sitting in my classroom after school with my teacher finishing my test. I still had about 4 pages left. (Im a Freshman) I had a fart fetish at the time and I still do but she dint know. She was a young teacher, 27 actually and she had a nice ***. Her name was Kelly. We all called her Misses K. I thought she had found out about my fart fetish because 3 week earlier she had been alone with me and she accidently farted and said she was very sorry and I said its ok and I started to only breath in my nose. I was sitting at my desk and she walked over to see how I was doing and let out a small popper fart next to my head. I got rock hard and inhaled deeply still trying not to be to loud. She said "James, put down your test please." I put it down wondering what she wanted. "James its obvious to me you like my farts." she motioned me over "Come here honey, I have something for you." She got me down on my knees and she stood up turned her back to me and stuck out her pretty ***. She was wearing a skirt wich she pulled up showing me her pink and white panties. She gently took her hand and slowly moved my head to her *** making sure my nose was comfortably in between her *** cheeks. She let out a nice bubbly fart. "Now James theres no need to hide this fetish. Go on, inhale my gas." I quickly inhaled. She said "Now, from now on I want you to come for an hour everyday after classes with me, make sure there at the end of my shift. I'll sit on your face farting for the hour and then let you go." For the next 3 years I smelled her stinky wonderful farts. Each day she would sit on my face like it was her chair and do paper work, farting every time she could. But one day she left for a better job. Im still looking for a girl to sit on my face and fart. Im now 25 and I live in Easton, Maryland USA. I attend Cheasapke College, if any women between the ages of 20 and 30 would like to fart on my face, message me please.
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My spanish teacher is super hot and has a huge butt is there a way you could help me to get her to fart on me after school

I want this to happen to me. I'm a freshman and my English teacher Ms Zotos is really hot and I can't stop staring at her butt. I didn't want to tell her about a fetish, so I just went with the flow. Any way you can help?


You kept staring at a hot teacher's butt too?

mental problem of the poster guy

you are really a lucky boy, I wish my teachers were the same like that in my school.

I know this isn't real, but DAMN, I wish I had that happen to me

Okay this is like my fantasy dream. But it sounds BS, nice story tho

lucky ******'

You expect anyone to believe this? LOL

Lucky you I cant beg upon nothing like that

Nice see my story

One time a teacher let me grab her butt everyday after school and farted on my face because she knew all along I had a fart fetish and I looked at her butt all the time

yh same lol

find another teacher and ask if she can fart on your face butt naked and poop on you

tell us another story so you can describe about them more

GREAT STORY i would have married that lady ain't no way i would have let her slip