Crazy Teacher Yet Amazing

Ok I won't use much grammar but here I go so one day I went into the morning to do a makeup test and she came up to me and said do you need any help I said no and I said I'm actually done so she looked at it and said good job and she wanted to ask me something and she said um do you like my butt and I said yes nervously and she said that is ok my ex boyfriend likes it to and then she asked me if you like my butt do you like farts and I said yes in confidence and she said come get a chair for me and I said sure so when I did she closed the door locked it and she said come here and she bend over on the chair and said touch my butt no one will notice and I did and I got so hard and she said that is getting really hard are you loving this and I said yes so she is like sit up on the wall and I'm like sure so I did and walked over there and bend over and her butt in my face with my nose in her butt and ripped one as I sniffed it and said come here every day 30 to 15 minutes before school and I will do this every day and said look at this she pulled her pants down and undies and showed me her perfect butt and said now touch it so I did best felling ever and she is like I am a nurse and I have seen *** and penis and said you can masturbathe while I'm doing this so whoa I said and I said definitely and we did this for a long time and then it got more serious not sex but dry humping and stuff that is next story so she was a very sexual teacher
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Damn dude that is awesome, is she still there?

I like bbw that fart in the morning its great when you r having sex and the fart it is great

Dduude thats a sexy *** story i hope more than anything that could happen to me

I now just ask her and I go to her house

You must of had fun,

great story

I hope she was certified for sex education.

Yes she was

Don't do any mean stuff like this is not real or anything and your gross or anything please

its hella hot bro. my fantasy is to find a girl who will do that

i would love to hear more story's