I Heard My Teacher Fart

I went to school to write my exam, because I was way too early I went to my english teachers room to sit down and study. Mrs.A opened the door for me and left, I was in the room by myself sitting in a small corner and studieng. Then my english teacher Mrs.B came in and went straight into her small office where she looked through some papers, I was quiet and busy studieng so I didn't get to say "hi" but I thought she saw me. Then I heard a huge fart, at first I thought it was something else then I looked at her and there she did it again and it was a lound one."I bet she has no idea that I am here" I thought. Then my pencil fell down it made a noice and she turned, she looked at me a very surprised way and said "oh I had no idea there was someone in here!!!" I quickly changed the supject and asked her a question about my exam. I could tell that she was soooooooooo embarassed. But it was kind of funny.
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5 Responses Jan 31, 2007

Same thing happened to me in 9th grade

I would ask her if she is hot if she would fart on your face

dam i would have asked her does it stink???

Lol, that is funny!!! I wish I knew what was going through her mind, lol. My brother said once he went to Chicken Chef and it was quite and this guy let out a big fart. My brothers girlfriend (who is like a child when it comes to farting) bursts out laughing. The guy was so embarrassed he took the check and left, lol. He said everyone in the restaurant was trying to keep their cool, but once his girlfriend started laughing, everyone started cracking up, lol.

thats sooo funny... I can see it .. LOL