I Heard Some Thing and Seen Some Thing I Wish I Never Seen

This little boy was get tired at a office and he got on the elveator and she open the door and the
 Mother told the boy that I like to hit you untill you are bloody. And then smacked him in the mouth.

It was  terrible to hear a mother to talk to her son that way.
He was only 4years old or around it.
I will never for get it.
It made me feel bad for the boy.

It is terrible what you hear out in the world .
What people and do out here.

The little boy is in my prayers every night.

I had to tell some one out there how I feel and what a pereson sees what a pereson hes another pereson sees.
That it don't look good out in the world.
What other people do and say

lashanda lashanda
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2 Responses Apr 20, 2007

I used to work in a shelter for abused women and children, so sadly the theory was that the children were usually being abused by their father. NOT TRUE, on many occassions we would have to contact children's services and the police because the mother too was abusing her children. On one specific oxxassion there was this one little girl, about 8 years old, we had not suspected this particular mother of abusing her child. One day i heard these shrilling screams coming from one of the bedrooms in the shelter, i ran up the stairs, thinking it was probably 2 siblings hurting each other. I ran into the room to stop whatever was happening because it was obvious from this girl's screams that she was being VERY hurt. When i opened the door, i was FLOORED when i saw what was going on. The mother and her young daughter pinned to the wall and was smacking the hell out of her in the head and in the mouth. I grabbed the mother off of her child, the childs mouth was spuing blood, i went to see the girl, to calm her down and to see what damage this *mother* had done. Aside from leaving welts on her face from vicious slaps, she had actually knocked out the young girls two front teeth. Well we calmed down the child, called children's aide and the police and the child was obviously removed from her mother.<br />
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After spending 5 years working in the shelter, i obviously had seen it all, when i see ANYONE hitting their child, i dont even care if its a guy 3x my size, despite my husbands warnings of not getting involved in violent situations, i ALWAYS go up to the people in the altercation, literally grab the child from the parent and tell the parent that what they are doing is ILLEGAL and could land them in jail. i doubt it makes any difference, except for a moment in that child's life when they realize that even complete strangers can help them when one of their parents is violent. i ALWAYS keep the kids help phone line on me and quietly pass it to the child and then speak to the parent. Initially they are angry as hell at me for butting in, but NO ONE has ever physically hurt me ..... YET.<br />
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I know this is a dangerous thing to do BUT i can not watch this disgusting behaviour and NOT do something about it. i was abused as a child, usually behind closed doors, i guess what frieghtens me the most about the people who do this in PUBLIC, is how worse it MUST be in private.<br />
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I don't expect other people to do what i do because even most police would tell you not too, but hell if the idiot hits me, i will press charges in a SPLIT second.<br />
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I'm sorry you saw what you saw, sadly even though for you this was the first time you saw it, i can sadly almost GAURANTEE it will not be the last time you see it!!<br />
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Anyone can produce a child but a REAL parent NEVER hurts their child!!<br />
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Damn this makes me MAD!!

I have myself seen parents hitting their few months old babies, it breaks my heart. To hit little kids who don't understand anything and parents hitting their own kids. It makes me so upset!!