I Over Heard Something Beautiful Today

I heard something beautiful today.
I was sitting on a bench under a tree
along a wooded path,
when I heard two lovers talk
as they came near me
along the wooded path.
She said she hoped he'd never go
until she'd passed away
for she was to weak to go alone
and he said that he'd not go
until her life was gone
because she was his morning
and she was his sun.
That she'd never face a day alone.
What love this couple has I thought
As these endearing words I caught.
I envisioned them as lovers in a fairy tale,
Him tall and dark, her small and pale.
So when they chanced to pass my way
I looked to see such young lovers.
But this is what I saw,
an elderly man with eyes now dim
an elderly lady accompanying him.
This is what I saw,
The beauty of an ageless love
Blessed by Goddess above
Endless even in old age.
And somehow I knew there was no gage
By which to measure this
My wish for them is one of eternal bliss.
Yes, I heard something beautiful today
And I'm better for it crossing my way.
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8 Responses Dec 30, 2011

Very well

Thank you

Very nicely done.

Thank you kindly

aww! this is soo cute! makes me wanna watch The Notebook!

does it not it is so sweet

Beautifully written, and beautiful endless love (though I bet they were like those romance book cover hero/heroine in their younger days). Thanks for sharing.

Thank you

beautiful :) <br />
I never heard something written so beautifully :$

Thank you

Love stories like this, sooooo sweet, reminds me of The Notebook. <br />
Love like that knows no time. :)

This was an older couple where I work - she has Alzheimer's

Awww, that's sad.... but the idea that they are together and still lovin each other is still beautiful....

Yes it is

Awww, this is beautiful..... :)

This is and older couple where I work - she has Alzheimer's and it is so sad and he can not understand what is happening to his wife