Yes, Yes I Did.

Whilst cleaning tables at work, a little girl looked at me and said

"When you die, they pour cement over your body"


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6 Responses Nov 28, 2008

bahahahah. thats the best thing I heard all day.

My kid was watching a commericial against smoking pot. The older brother was playing the part of the drug dealer.. "Hey man, don't you want some pot. It will make you really cool" on and on.. the little kid looked him in the eye and said "NO"!<br />
The commericial ends and my kid looks at me and says, <br />
"Daddy, I want some Pot". I just about Sh*t.

Hehe. I kept thinking of Bill Crosby after that hahaha.<br />
Didnt he have a show called Kids say the Darndest things.<br />
<br />
Or maybe there was something on the simpsons.<br />
I have no idea. But I kept picturing Bill, which made everything ten times funnier.

I almost fell out of my chair reading that.. how funny is that. <br />
Out of the mouth of babes... and all of that...

Her mother looked horrified when she said this lol

What is she, some kind of mob kid or something? Yowza!!