I Read It Again...

You are like a beautiful butterfly who flew into my life.I was just a little boy with a net.I tried to catch you and put you into my little jar to keep you forever.I still wish I could just keep you forever.You are the best thing that ever happened to me and I can not live without you in my life. You are my world. I need you.I love you forever, your man."

Time to go back home to see him...:)

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I will say it as well. He is very lucky.

tendereyes, you are a beautiful butterfly, a rare one.

lucky man.


This makes me all weak in the knees too, lol :)

Awwwww.....words full of love . Fly home to him on your beautiful butterfly wings, girl :)

i love it when you write. It always comes from your heart. Beautiful. The words and you.

That is so beautiful!! Makes me go all weak at the knees!!

Your so lucky.. But then so is he!! X


That deserved it! :)