Well, Actually I Read It...

It was the last chapter of a book I have been reading, "The Good Guy" by Dean Koontz and it struck me as really beautiful and was something I could definatly relate to right now...

"The wide world remained dark, and greater darkness threatened.  But the two of them had found a small place of light, because she knew how to endure and he knew how to fight, and together they were whole."

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5 Responses Mar 2, 2009

Thanks Angel. I thought so too... Hugs.

very beautiful*

I agree Emerald, that Koontz is evolving, and even though I have always been a big fan of his, I like the deeper, introspective writer I see him evolving into also. Hugs girl.

I was JUST fixing to mention the Odd THomas books! lol. He has ALOT of deep thoughts in those books! I believe we're seeing a "thinking and writing" change in Koontz, from these books. I for one, enjoy this change in his thoughts and writing... although I certainly enjoyed his past writings as well.

I am a big fan of Koontz and he never ceases to surprise me, but it IS truly beautiful, isn't it? <br />
<br />
Speaking of Odd, have you read his Odd Thomas books?