Thump Thump!

I heard my niece's heartbeat on the fetal monitor this evening and somehow it made everything in my life pale in comparison.  Only a few more hours hopefully and I will be holding her.  I cannot wait to see her in person without the help of medical technology.

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Thanks Wish. Still no baby! I am waiting "patiently."

I remember the first time I actually felt my cousin moving in my aunt stomach. I cried,it was a happy cry. It was so real and amazing that a woman could actually support and give life to a beautiful child. It's amazing! I wish your family the best of luck. Congratulations!

Yes, but I haven't finished painting the nursery dern it.

Thanks Flour!<br />
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Oh yes it is good I think, LOL We were counting on another 4 weeks though.


that's a good thing right? i'm so happy for you and your sister.

that's a good thing right? i'm so happy for you and your sister.

She wasn't due today but it may happen today. She is having contractions and dancing around. Her water broke and all.

let me know how it goes for you guys. my daughter is 6 months pregnant.

Today FG. she is due today?

Thanks y'all.. It hasn't happened yet but she is working on it.

Oh good luck to your sister (in law) on the birth of your niece. What an amazing time for you all. I hope everything goes well, i can't wait to here the details on the little angel.

thanks... well I think when i hear her cry and she is there in those first moments it will be so awesome too.