I Hear It Everyday

The most beautiful thing, to me, is to hear my husband say "I love you". I know actions speak louder than words, but this is alot, coming from a man who finds it hard to express his emotions to anyone.

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I am also lucky. My husband sometimes tells me even more than once in a day. It must be very awful for those who dont have a significant other in their life. To be alone ALL the time? I would literally go out of my mind, if there was no one coming home to me after work. I love my husband so much, that i would throw myself in front of a moving train for him, if he dies i want to die with him. There is no other man that has ever been as good to me as my David. I also tell him every single day , probably more than once a day for sure that I love him. He is my hero, my world, my life.

As much as I know how lucky I am, I do have to wonder that, too, at times. I mean, if I had not been the first to say it, how long would it have taken him? Guess that is just something I will never know. Oh well...

I'm usually the one who tells him....I wonder if I didn't say it if he would tell me. I think it is absolutely beautiful and you are one lucky lady.

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Honestly, hon, that is one thing I cannot answer for you. I guess most men are just not as in touch with their feelings as you seem to be.

wow, what a lovely thing to say.