Hehe Say What?

im watching something now on tv and they talk bout internet.

someone with a costume -business man? he said abroad theres a center for those who are addicted to internet!!

hehe im not addicted to ep-no way:P

''hello..im an ep addict..''heh

amysangels amysangels
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*Runs and sits with others*<br />
Me too. :)

hehe welcome to ep addiction circle :P

im ok :)<br />
its bit funny what they say right heh

I am not sure what that means that story but I am addicted to EP at present, off facebook, it is too much at times, although 50 percent of day I am there, I like this for some private time. I got too many friends and going all around, just like some peace and quiet and friends who are genuinly not concerned with looks.<br />
<br />
So babe, what you doing today, you sound bit gloomy.

i agree lena!:)

heh i have EPA and dont need help:)

For all of you with the affliction, there's a new self help group here:<br />
I Have EPA and Need Help. Over a hundred members who have confessed their addiction. I recommend you join this group and add your story.

One day at a time - that's all we can do guys ...

ehehe :)

hehehe WG,can u imagine..omg :)

there'll be one for ep users soon! Watch out they'll have us all in straight jackets soon....

heh heh i cant believe a center for internet addiction! wow :)

Oh yes. Internet (and related) addiction is taking up lots of space in academic journals, talk shows, popular press, you name it! If EP had more users I reckon EP addiction would get it's own air-time too.