Who Are You?

Many times I have heard the voice of the Almighty.
I have dreamt things about others, things I shouldnt know; and when it's time to share these things with them, how do you move forward? Sometimes it's easy, and yet other times it is something that you keep to yourself... For another time maybe?
Should we judge another based on information received like this, why not? We do it everyday when we gossip with others and listen to all the hearsay of another. Things that supposedly happened - yet we weren't there when it happened. We allow this to shape our feelings and make impressions of another and is it air... To them or us?
What does all this have to do with hearing God's voice you say, everything. Would He tell us or show us something so that we can judge another, when He prohibits it. It's for our own good not to yet we do it everyday. People of other religions, people of different race or color..... Sometimes we catch ourselves and correct our thoughts and behavior and sometimes we just carry on with it and before you know it it's too late.

I have been awakened in dreams and from dreams with Words in my mind, I have experienced things and seen things for a reason and it is up to me to do what I must with them.

I love talking to people and sharing things with them, learning along side them.
I love praying with others and for others.
I love meditation and communion with my Heavenly Father.
I love reading to learn, especially what i should be doing and to see what others have done.

I believe God speaks to each of us differently and for different reasons and it is up to us to slow down, and reflect and to make sense of all that is around us. Sometimes to focus and see if we can understand what those messages hold for us, other times to soak in what we have heard and to apply it where needed in our life or loves of those around us.

I believe if we stop focusing on the physical world around us for 30 minutes a day and reflect inside ourselves we can truly see who we are and who God is.... In us or around us.

Breeze1970 Breeze1970
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1 Response Jul 3, 2011

"You have a prophetic mantle" and are obviously a prophet called by the Almighty awsome! i cant wait to "move in the prophetic" (still learning and being "trained up"! we are in exciting times of revival about to hit all nations before the "great tribulation', i don't always 'hear gods voice', he sings songs to me sometimes he says things to me, he speaks to my young daughter who is 11, and she gets visions (im still yet to receive) God bless you :)