Who Is He???

Someone started a group wondering who the h*ll Armen is and why he is on EP.  For those who are wondering, Armen is the founder of Experience Project and one of the people who make EP the wonderful place that it is as it continues to evolve day after day.  You may not know who Armen is but if you like EP you should be thanking him for his great vision.  If you want to learn more about EP and Armen he appeared on a blogcast which you can get a copy of via Itunes.  Simply type "Experience Project" in the browser and you will be able to download the podcast and listen for yourself.


Armen if you are reading this then thank you thank you thank you my friend.

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Thank you Armen Berjikly because without EP, I couldn't have known fungirlmmm and all those lovely members.

Thanks for your comment.

You are welcome.


I joined this group after reading about EP on Wiki.<br />
Hey Fungirlmmm!<br />
Great minds think alike I guess, huh friend?


LMAO it is ok

Thanks for your comments.

Thank you for that info. and much thanks to Armen indeed for there is no other site like EP! Nothing can compare to it or at least thats my opinion!

Yw ladies. thank you for reading my stuff. I love you.

This is a beauty, Girl. <br />
I hope everyone takes the time to recommend your post.<br />
This should be front page news.

YW sweetie.

hmm... thanks for this post... now I can take myself out of the I WONDER WHO ARMEN IS AND WHY HE'S MY FRIEND group.<br />
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Much appreciated fungirlmmm and Armen himself.. <br />
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~ Bravo ~

He is the bomb in my book too sweetie.

Way cool chica! My sister in law lives with MS and I told her about the site. I am not sure if she came on her because I won't intrude on her privacy but I told her all about how awesome the people are here.

How cool is that??!!

Armen, did start this site for persons with MS to share with one another. He had a close friend and wanted to build a support system for that friend. It eventually evolved into the EP we know today.

What a blessing you are Fungirl! I have wondered who, what, how, EP was started, etc. So thank you and THANK YOU Armen! Who knew this was possible and practical and needed but you. Kudos!

FunGirl, didn't Armen originally start this site as a place to share stories about MS?

LOL, you do not have to have an IPod to play Itunes.... Download the application to your computer and you can play Itunes directly from you computer. The only thing you miss out on is the cute little pla<x>yer.

YW flourlady

thankyou fungirl!!

You are welcome sweetie.

PS. THANK YOU fungirlmmm for the history lesson...Dew