Stuck Both Ways

I have been in a relation since 6 years from now. After my first break up, there used to be many guys behind me but i was totally heart broken & depressed & never had an interest to speak to any of my male friends.. One of my classmate was madly in love with me & he knew it was difficult to win my heart, So he planned of lien to me saying that he had a clot in his brain & he was going to die.. i was very innocent & believed every single word he told me.. he told me his last wish was that i be his girlfriend so i agreed.. feeling sad for him.. few days later i get to know that he lied to me to just get me... finally after few months i fell in love with him & started dating.. there were ups & downs but still we are together.. the problem now is that we dont belong to the same religion & are my parents are against it... & the worst part is that my sister also fell in love with a guy who was not of our caste but he converted into our religion & some how my parents agreed... & everybody in my family has warned me not to do the same like my sister... i am so upset.. because nobody supports me.. its so difficult for me choose either one because i love my family as well as my boyfriend... Feel so lost... & helpless :(
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thank you for the advice.... hoping the best to happen...

You do have a quite a deli-ma on your hands. You have fallen for someone that your parents do not approve of. I am not sure it is so much as that, but he did an extreme lie to get you. That may be a big part of the mistrust in him from your parents. They may not be able to trust him due to that fact. He may have to prove that he can be trusted to never hurt you or lie to you again, to gain there trust. <br />
Both of you may have to sit down with your parents, and just have a good heart to heart talk, and see what happens from there. It may take time, but you have to totally trust him to go though with it and not back out. It probably will not be easy, but you do have to do it for your own sake.<br />
Good Luck