this is the first time for me sharing how i have felt for 16 months i have looked at lots of peoples dispair and known how they have felt my husbund and i have been together for 30 years and we have always been so very close we would know what each other was thinking and could finish each other's sentance well 6 years ago one of our youngest daughter's became ill wont go in too details she is still ill now we met with a group of parents who's children suffered the same as ours but one mother we never met but i spoke too her on the phone a lot she was separated from her husbund as she had an affair she was lonely i will cut a long story short needless too say after 2 years of me talking too her we had agreed too meet up as there was a big group of parents meeting we had too stay over night in a bed and breakfast so we all met up for the meeting and the evening we met up with this woman for a meal we got on ok we all went hom nxt day for acouple of weeks she phoned me every day some times more than twice any way she phoned one day quite down and me being me i invited her too come and stay with us to giv her a break as we live by the sea i always do things with my heart not my head any way she came mad her welcome all the the stuff you do it was the biggest mistake of my life she only stayed 2 days 1 week later i found out from a friend who knew this woman that my husbund had sent e-mails too her she had told this freind and sent her coppies of the e-mails who then sent the coppies to me well you can imagine my shock i could not beleive the things he had said too her and i still can't even after all this time he say's he does'nt know why he did it as it is me he loves he is sorry he tells me but can't get rid of the things he said too her how can i do that. any i'dea's
flowerbud2 flowerbud2
Jan 15, 2013