I Will Be The First To Say...

What do you mean I am not the first to say I heart Diapers! how dare they cut in line. Did they not see I was clearly not here first but have every right to say I was the first to love diapers. ok ok for you lucky ones who get the 24/7 use of diapers and have loving friends and family I stick my tongue out to you in protest sniff...I want that to be me! it is not fair. Oh but I did ask a question but no one on face book would answer it for me. If you could have one wish and one wish only what would it be. I mean as for myself if I could some how either go back in time with my current understanding or just start over here I would want to be just at the walking stage of life about one years old and when it came time to be potty trained I would protest by always peeing and pooing in my pants shorts or what ever and to make sure I got my parents attention I would do it in the car on the coutches out in grocery stores where ever until they gave up on the idea of me ever getting out of a diaper. If that is not loving ie hearting Diapers I don't know what is. but wow would that not be cool if you could do that. Change your past to what you wanted. Sure I know my folfs they would be pissed off and I would get spanked for years maybe but I know if I have my current thoughts and not the one of a scared child afraid to be punished I would win out in the end.
solarregeneration solarregeneration
41-45, T
Jul 18, 2010