My Bff And I Wear Diapers

on the first day of school at study hall my bff wispered 2 me she had 2 pee badly. since it was the first day neither of us knew where the bathroom was i said ok lets find a bathroom and we searched 4 20 mins at that point we were both desperate so we looked 4 anything other then a classroom 2 go in we didnt find anything for another 5 mins so my bff told me her secret. she wore diapers. at that point i didnt wear diapers so i thot she wuz crazy. i asked her y she didnt just go then and she said she didnt like 2 do it in public. we finally found a janitors closet and she went in there 2 go. i still had 2 go superbad and i didnt kno wat 2 do. i followed her back 2 her locker and she got out a new diaper. i asked her if i could have 2. 1 2 go in and 1 for when i was done. she gave them 2 me and we went back 2 the janitors closet 2 change. i went in the diaper and changed and we went back to study hall. at my next period i had 2 go and my teacher wuz reely mean and didnt let me go. i held it in until i coodnt anymore and i went in the diaper. my bff wuz out of diapers so i had 2 sit in my wet diaper all day. on the bus ride home i went in the diaper for the 5th time that day and it leaked. it wuz embarrassing but the part of never getting up 2 use the bathroom wuz great. so now i always wear my bffs diapers and she buys 2 packs when shes out.
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I did the same thing but I was the one who wore diapers we were in a exam and me and my friend both needed to pee so badly I went to the nearest closet and locked me and my friend in I had been to my locker and put the diapers in my bag I opened my bag and my friends like what the **** are you doing so I got out some diapers and changed my wet one into a dry one my friend asks me for some so I give him some now when ever I buy some I buy him some packs I wear mine 24/7 because it feels so good.

do you know how to spell?

awesome best story ever why dont u look at my home page!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love wearing diapers! I should do it out in public like you do.

Thats awesome, so nice you and your friend share something in common, may I ask how old you & your friend are?

Thats awesome, so nice you and your friend share something in common, may I ask how old you & your friend are?

good luck wearing diapers i know it can be difficult in public