Star Wars Invaded My Bathroom..

Wow. I really thought I was the only one. I got a story for you. I walked into my bathroom one day and found that not only had he put up a burger king cup-topper of Yoda (unopened and in perfect condition) on the top of the cabinet, but he also added a kids stamp of Watto (the slave owner of Anakin as a kid) and a bobblehead wind-up stormtrooper, sitting there. Please tell me someone else has some idea of what it's like to have Watto, Yoda, and Stormtrooper Big-Head staring at me when I brush my teeth every morning. I almost can't be naked in there!

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3 Responses Jan 7, 2009

YES!!!!!!!!!!!!my boyfriend is a super hero freak,an yes recently our 5 year old has become addictted to star wars!!!an his dad being the biggest child of all is giving him everything he did nt have as a kid, he has the mullinium falcon thats as big as he is, so many stormtroopers i find them everywhere an every charcater from everyone of the movies, oh an speakin of movies he has everyone of those too!! an everytime he sees a movie weather hes w/ his dad or i,he sees a movie an asks for it av were like "charley you already have that one" an he ll say "i know but then i can have one for your house too!!!!!!"<br />
an now he has so many figures from star wars that he can t carry them back an forth any more so he just takes a couple of his favorits,but God for bid he leaves one. its getting easier now though, hes got his book bag an we tell him their yours an up to you to bring them back,we will not chase them down anymore! well i guess i got way off subjet but yes the 8 years i lived w/ my boyfriend we had super heros hanging up like you would a childs picture in the living room!!!!!see what happens when a child does nt get to have a childhood,so i will/am making sure my boys live theres up to the fullest of my ability!!!! ~shelly~

this is an interesting group... my husband isnt addicted to star wars but now he has started up his childhood obsession with WWE ... at first i was a little annoyed but now i could careless he is happy

Wow - he's got it baaaaaad.