I Love My Jedi Knight

Although I have yet to watch all of the films with him, I have watched someone, and I get running commentary throughout the film.

He loves that I call him my Jedi Knight, and we are currently engaged, planning to have a loosely themed Star Wars wedding (I say loosely becacuse we don't plan on doing everything Star Wars)

I am not a super-fan of Star Wars like he is, but I do like the films.

I am excited that I one day get to call this Star Wars nerd my husband, because no one has made me happier =)

WraithformsLovelyAngel WraithformsLovelyAngel
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 18, 2009

No I havent, I didnt even know about it! Hehe, I told him about it, now he wants to find out more about it haha