Holding My Wife While She Gets ******...

I love doing this! I love the intimacy, and mild humiliation of holding my sweet wife while another man is ******* her. I like when she is on her hands and knees, while I'm in front of her holding her face and kissing her deeply, and then feeling her body pushed forward into me from her lovers huge **** thrusts all the way into her. Feeling her moans in my mouth as we kiss is so intimate and erotic. I especially love sitting up at the headboard, with my wife laying in my lap. I'll cradle her, play with her ****, and kiss her on the mouth or top of her head. The view is GREAT for me (and for my wife) as her lover pushes his **** into her spread *****. Feeling her plush sexy body rhythmically pushed into me from her bull ******* her is SO sensual.
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I was there kissing my wife while she had a man on each *** and one sliding his big black **** in and out.

My wife let three black men each have a nipple while ******* one bareback till he fill hr wum ,then let each one take a turn . I was kissing her while they ****** her.

This is about the most sensual thing a couple can do. I've tried it and it always makes me as hard as steel, especially when the guy does her bareback and fills her up.

Sounds incredilbe!

that's awsome.i would love to hold down my wife as she's getting ******.i want to feel each and every thrust of his thick ****.

Only a loving husband can do this - holding leg while the bull is penetrating and later thrusting the wife. There is a lot of symbolism involved here. It conveys husband's full support to the bull and the wife to involve in the copulation activity. If this involves breeding, then it further conveys a degree of participation in the insemination process - even though it is the bull's ***** that gets released inside wife's vagina - the husband is very much part of the process. It also lets the husband experience the powerful thrust of the bull and reassures him that he has taken the right decision by submitting the wife to the bull.

well done , like it

I love married women and playing wtih them. The couples that I have played with the husband just watched. It is a pity because I would love to see the husband hold her as I mount her. I think that this is a good way for the husband to show how much he loves his wife and it is also very hot because he gets to see her moan and have a great time.

I do the same thing but I also whisper to her - ask her if she likes the ******* she is getting and telling her how good she looks getting ******...

I know exactly what you mean!