I Held Daddy's Hand Until the End

May 19, 2006, my daddy went home to be with the Lord.  He had just had a birthday on May 8.  He suffered from C.O.P.D. (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.)  This disease is harsh and has mercy on nobody.  Daddy was a good man in every way that he could.  He was a jack of all trades.  I could always call him for advise or just to have a talk.  Towards the end, he was not able to talk or do much of anything, even eating was a challenge.  On May 18, 2006, the doctors told my mom and myself that "they had done all they could do for him and now they were just doing things to him".  I felt like someone punched the breath out of me.   I asked Daddy to forgive me for anything i had ever done to him.  I put my forehead to his and he opened his eyes.  The doctor wanted to just cut off his vent but mom said no that it was not going to happen like that.  Instead they chose to give him morphine and adivan every 15 minutes as he needed it to ease his suffering.  I knew Daddy was afraid to die alone so i made sure that someone always had his hand.  As Daddy took his last breath i wanted to grab him and shake him.  I know that he is in heaven where there is no pain, most of his friends and family are there. I know i'll be with him again, but i sure do miss him.  Daddy had such a great sense of humor, i miss that and everything about him.

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I hope you can cope with your loss and still be happy. That's what your dad would have wanted for you.

Thanks for your comment and you have a pretty name.

My father died in December of 2007. No one in our family was there.