Now Here's Some Dark Poetry...

The press of cold steel across my skin
It stings, it aches, a line drawn thin.
Blood bubbles to the surface, slow to rise
My head thrown back, eyes closed to the skies.
Some ask what is the cause, why take such measures?
You could never understand, surrounded by your false treasures.
Your eyes are clouded by a veil so thick
Nothing I could say would ever stick.
This world is fake, a sham, a lie
It's one bad joke just gone awry.
Society has you, grasped in its claws
You bow and kneel before its idiotic laws.
But I refuse, they shall never have my soul
I will have my freedom, no matter the toll.
The forest shall have my bones, my blood
Where I truly belong, covered in mud.
The red mixes together as one with the earth
A new creature rises, from my death comes birth.
A wolf spirit made of leaves and vine
All of my wrath is it's glue and twine.
It springs forth, to take vengeance on men
And return the earth to it's Mother again.
Fernwolf Fernwolf
22-25, F
Nov 28, 2012