More Options With Mens Undies

Here is my view on mens undies. They do need more feminine colors and styles. My avatar does show mens y fronts in the Hello Kitty" theme. This further proves that mens undies are changing. The colors are becoming a bit more feminine and nicer for guys to wear. The traditional white y front is hopefully going to be gone for good. I never did like them and never will. I do feel that guys do need have some prettiness in their drawers and under their skirts or dresses. This will do it for sure. I do advocate that mens undies become more feminine in nature. The Hello Kitty undies are a major step in the right direction with regards to colors and styles. So guys, why not do something about your boring undies and get something more softer and more feminine. You know you want to, so why not?
andreaneejustinfield andreaneejustinfield 41-45, T 5 Responses Jun 28, 2012

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Totally agree. Now just waiting for the My Little Pony Undies... then I'd be set for life.

i have already discarded my regular men's undies, i use the softer, colourful panties in different materials instead of those drab undies

you r absolutely correct veriety in designs, fabrics, colours are so many , we can really enjoy and experience new things all our life

I'm all for men in Hello Kitty. :D

hey hey now!!

Cool :)

and these are also offered in a panty for men and boys w/o the y-front.

Very true