My Life

Well where do i start. I am married for 23 years. I love my husband. For the last several years it just seems we had grow apart.. THE ONLT TIME HE KISSES ME IS WHEN HE LEAVE FOR WORK. iT HAS GOTTEN TO THE POINT I DON'T WANT him to kiss me. Whwn we first meet he was loving and caring very passionate he showed he loved me now ir is like we are room mates I have a 16 year old daughter that lives home and i offen think when she goes off to school in 2 years i will end up moving out, That if i could hold on that long. I have spoken to him several time about the way i feel. All he says i love you. I try harder. Well nothing has happen. We don't even do out togther i ask him this weekene about use going out and he said this coming weekend thats not going to happen he has promise this so many time, Is there anyone out there going threw what i am. Thanks
frescalady48 frescalady48
46-50, F
Dec 3, 2012